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by admin on August 13, 2012

Photograph of Neil Armstrong on the Moon

Photograph of Neil Armstrong on the Moon

I was ten years old when Neil Armstrong stepped out onto the moon, still many years away from my first Canon wide-angle lens. We were at my grandparents on summer vacation at their remote home in the mountains of northern California. We had no television but we listened on the radio. I remember looking up at the moon later and imagining those men up there, what they were doing, what they were seeing. Fortunately, there were cameras on the mission and when we got home we got to see our first pictures of “the man on the moon”. It’s still amazing to me that we actually did that.

Today, we are putting landers and cameras on Mars. Just as amazing! I’m sure there are other things we could be doing with our technology and money but there are worse things we could be doing too.

The passing of Neil Armstrong brought a lot of memories back, especially that summer night listening to the radio with my grandfather (who is now 97) and I remember him saying, “I would never even have imagined that a man would ever walk on the moon”. Well, we did but we never really locked it in until we would see the pictures.

An article on Neil Armstrong and the first landing photography

As the primary photographer of that first successful manned lunar mission in 1969, Neil Armstrong, was responsible for some of the most iconic images of the modern age. As the photographer, contrary to popular belief, Armstrong did not actually appear in many of the famous photos…More at The Inspirational Photos of Neil Armstrong the Primary

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