Real estate photography with wide-angle lenses

by admin on June 23, 2012

The field of view from a wide-angle lens makes them an obvious choice for doing real estate photography. Additionally, DSLR camera bodies make shooting interiors a little easier with real-time viewing and the ability to shoot HD video makes them even more versatile. Many real estate photographers have also added HDR (High Dynamic Range) imaging to their real estate techniques. Software increasingly is playing an important role in real estate photography workflows with the ability to correct or improve lens distortions that are inherent with some wide-angle lenses. While some wide-angle lenses like the Canon 16-35mm f/2.8 L II does an outstanding job of minimizing distortion it is important to not to get complacent about details, especially when photographing architectural details in the real estate market.

Below we found a few sources related to real estate photography that offer some insights into real estate photography.

Real estate photographers find the effective focal lengths between 16mm and 24mm to be the “sweet spot” for shooting interiors. It’s best to have a zoom that covers this whole range between 16 and 24 but at a minimum you need to work at 24mm or below….More at Photography For Real Estate » My Favorite New Feature in

The fea­tured pic­ture above is the final HDR shot. Using soft­ware to com­bine sev­eral expo­sures, we can see cer­tain details that are nor­mally lost in shadow or very bright areas.The pic­ture at the bot­tom of this post is the “nor­mal” shot taken right from the cam­era….More at Real Estate Photography- Spokane Commercial Photography | Kent

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